Working with a Certified Holistic Health Coach is an opportunity of a lifetime. Nowadays, with our busy lifes, it is easy to get "off-track". Moreover, it can be particularly challenging to work towards better health without the right information, resources, support and accountability. This is exactly why I am here! As your Health Coach, I will listen carefully and help you navigate the often confusing world of health to determine what lifestyle changes are necessary for you. Together we will work through obstacles and accomplish empowering goals to create real and long-lasting results. All my programs include personalized plans according to your needs and goals. 

Step by step I will help you transform your life and re-gain charge of your health and wellbeing




In my programs I dismiss the “one size fits all” myth and instead focus on individual needs, rhythm and environment. As the saying goes ‘One man’s food is another man’s poison’. Bio-individuality refers to every person being unique in their physiology and personality. Understanding and evaluating this principle creates sustainable lifestyle changes instead of superficial temporary fixes. 


This concept contradicts the conventional belief about dieting by adding more healthy and enjoyable real foods to your diet instead of cutting indulgences altogether in order to naturally diminish unhealthy cravings.  It also refers to adding more activities and habits that nourish you wellbeing to 'crowd out' those habits that do not serve you. While most conventional diets are based on unrealistic rules and deprivation, I help clients towards reaching a state of balance and freedom. 


Primary food refers to the crucial pillars of your life that nourish your well being, these include physical activity, relationships, self-care, and spirituality. Secondary food refers to the food we ingest into our systems. Having the right balance in your Primary foods will facilitate your ability to make conscious choices about about food. Understanding that primary and secondary foods are interconnected is the most valuable step towards wellbeing.

Holistic Integrative Group Programs

Group programs are a unique opportunity to enhance your health journey. Whether it is with colleagues, friends, family members or complete strangers, each program creates constructive interactions, deep connections, support and accountability. Sharing your quest to healthier and happier living is an invaluable and powerful experience.

 Each program and seminar is designed to help you understand your body and mind and how to implement powerful tools in order to create sustainable lifestyle changes that will help you towards the "best version of yourself". Each program or seminar can be catered towards specific needs and desires, all programs include a holistic approach of nutritional outlines, mindfulness techniques and movement methods.


Are you tired of feeling defeated by "fad" diets? Confused with all the contradictory nutrition theories out there? Can't find a way to manage your weight without deprivation?