Hi! I'm Daniela and I'm a Holistic Health Coach and Movement guide. From a young age, like a lot of us, I struggled with my relationship with food and body image. After constant defeats and disappointments with fad diets and overexercising I decided to take matters into my own hands to study and experience movement and health in order to find a solution that was adaptable, sustainable and most importantly, enjoyable!

I got certified in various movement methods that had a huge impact in my own personal journey, including Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Strength Training and started teaching in 2013.  Immediately I discovered the importance of conscious movement in building a deeper appreciation of our bodies while feeling stronger, more confident and safe. During my Holistic Health Coach training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition I explored various dietary theories including Paleo, Atkins, Gluten free, Ayurveda, Blood Type and Macrobiotics. This has blessed me with a good understanding and broad perspective of the research out there.

My experience and education in movement and nutrition has enabled me to create BLOOM, a space that offers great balanced programs, classes, events & retreats designed to guide through your own personal journey towards optimal wellbeing.



I strongly believe that health should not be about restriction and strict rules. In fact, I believe this is the main reason why so many of us struggle to adopt a healthier lifestyle! We've got it all wrong!


Health is more profound than simply what we put on our plates and/or going to the gym seven days a week. Being healthy means feeling happy, strong and clear minded. This is achieved through mindfulness, commitment and most importantly, acceptance. Accepting that we are all differently beautiful and we must invest time to discover what works best for our own bodies and minds.


Wishing you happiness and health,













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